Bin Darani Bawazeer provides a variety of services from car tires and oils ending with oil and construction companies’ services.


Bin Darani Bawazeer provides high-quality tires with different kinds and sizes for all types of cars such as (Dunlop – Hankook – Bridgestone – Yokohoma - Michelin). Also provides the best of motorbikes tires.


Bin Darani Bawazeer provides variety of the best D. B. Oil for cars and different heavy vehicles as well (Petrol – Diesel – Gear Oil). Also Provide high quality of (Petro Top Oil) for both petrol and diesel engines and UAE high quality hydraulic Petro Top Oil. As well we provide variety of oils for petrol and diesel engines such as (Fuchs oils – Shell oils – Total oils).

Greases and break Oils

Bin Darani Bawazeer provides variety of grease and break oils from KSA, UAE and USA brands.

Torch Batteries

Torch batteries are among Korea’s impressive brands, well known for their high quality. Bin Darani bawazeer exclusively providing Torch batteries in all sizes from 40V to 200V.

Air and Oil Filters

Bin Darani Bawazeer provides the best types of air and oil filters for all cars and heavy vehicles.

Radiator Coolant

Bin Darani Bawazeer provides all kinds of radiator cooling water for all types of vehicles.

Additional Services

Bin Darani Bawazeer has a special division that specializes in importing from Europe, Southeast Asia and Gulf countries for :

- Oil Companies.
- Construction Companies.
- Economic Institutions.

Branches and Networks

Bin Darani Bawazeer partnered with pioneers in the oils and tires industry from Eastern Asia to provide the best products for all of our clients.
To make our services easy to reach we open another branch of Bin Darani Bawazeer in Sayoun city (Hadhramout) to provide our clients with their all demands and needs. Also, we provide delivery services.

Contact Us

Republic of Yemen – Hadramout

Main branch :

Al-Mukalla – Buwaysh

Tel: 00967 5325206

Fax: 00967 5327632

Sayoun branch :

Tel fax : 00967 5408066